About Us

Founded in 2014, noremotions is an international B2C online fashion shopping destination. In recent years, we are developing globally at a rapid pace, winning recognition and trust from customers throughout America, Europe, and Australia.
noremotions’s jackets are an amalgam of fine vintage sari cloth selected by we twice a year in Western India. Kantha means “simple stitching” in Hindi and is a time-honored tradition in South Asia. It is defined by the long-running stitch that bonds two or more sari fabrics together. In the case of noremotions’s jackets, the Kantha stitching is done by women in a small cooperative in West Bengal who need up to 5 months to complete their meticulous work.

Each piece we designs is a truly original, reversible composition of beautiful prints, color and stitching, and is deeply personal to us. Colors are equally unusual and dynamic, demonstrating the rich and informed aesthetic of we and her cooperative of artisans. Our perfectly tailored pieces are refined and intelligent, elevating the casual with a mastery of drama and volume.
Our signature line of jackets, vests and scarves are made from traditional, handmade sari cloth, which are sewn together as kantha textile. All of our beautiful designs are sophisticated and comfortable for modern women looking for versatile fashion. Some pieces can be worn right side-up or up-side down and are reversible for versatile looks from the same piece. Traditionally, kantha are worn to keep the wearers safe from harm and bring happiness and prosperity, noremotions's vision keeps the essence of this tradition alive in her designs for a truly one of a kind piece that speaks directly to the individual.
We uses handcrafted textiles from around the world, most of which we designed ourself, to make contemporary pieces. Our signature line is vintage kantha, each with it’s own variety of colors and it’s own story and each is beautifully reversible to other colors and other stories. Traditionally kantha were created to keep their wearers safe from harm and aid in obtaining happiness and prosperity, all of which noremotionswishes for you.
Folk Belief
This Kantha cloth also has a magical purpose and is often displayed at Indian shrines or tied to trees. It is believed to symbolize prayers and ward off the “evil eye”. Traditionally, Kantha are supposed to keep their wearers safe from harm and aid in obtaining happiness and prosperity, all of which noremotionswishes for you.

Our Mission

While our main intention is women’s wear, noremotionsalso offers various accessories, shoes, bags, and other trending items. Our goal is to have a wide variety of high quality, fashionable products at low prices. noremotions offers fashion-forward styles and innovative designs all delivered with a truly class-leading professional service that all our customers deserve.

noremotions offers high quality products on online. Looking for the products you need in our store, every order enjoys 30 days money back guarantee. 

Your satisfaction is we go forward the biggest power!

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